How SaaS Benefits All Business Models—Including Yours

The Marketing Team
Oct 30, 2019 1:18:06 PM

If there’s one growing trend in the business software provision sector, it’s almost certainly Software-as-a-Service.

The push towards SaaS across all business sectors is undeniable; today, just about every software developer has the ability to provide at least one subscription-based version of their services available over the internet via remote access. In fact, SaaS benefits just about every business model out there — and that includes your own. Here’s why.

SaaS Offers High Levels of Accessibility

As an approach to business software provision, SaaS has exploded in popularity since the advent of mobile connectivity. The more widespread high-speed internet becomes, the more accessible SaaS-powered business platforms become; with technology constantly pushing better, more stable, and faster connections, SaaS will become even more valuable, with companies being able to conduct business from the office, in the field, or even at home.

SaaS Benefits Your Bottom Line

One of the most notable ways that SaaS benefits your business is through its affordability. In the days before Software-as-a-Service became so prevalent, companies that required business software needed to invest heavily in licensing fees. Thanks to the subscription-based payment model of modern SaaS applications, however, the cost of accessing business software, even on an enterprise-level, is much more affordable.

SaaS Makes Installation and Update Nearly Painless

Another major benefit of transitioning to a SaaS model for business software is how little time and energy you’ll spend on installing, maintaining, and updating this software is. With SaaS companies hosting the majority of their software on their own servers, there’s no time wasted downloading, installing, or updating separate copies on each workstation in your company.

SaaS Thrives on Ease of Use

With the market becoming highly competitive, SaaS benefits from easy-to-use, intuitive, and well-designed interfaces for their clients. The truth is that a SaaS that has a steep learning curve or a clunky design doesn’t attract enough subscribers to remain profitable for a developer. This means that most SaaS clients will place a premium on positive user experience, investing heavily in making their services lightweight, responsive, powerful, and intuitive.

SaaS Can Provide Excellent Opportunities (Especially for Safety Teams)

Finally — and perhaps most notably — SaaS benefits companies by providing robust, accessible, and affordable ways to improve their safety programs. With SaaS platforms providing excellent tools to plan, execute, track, and monitor environmental, health and safety (EHS) program performance, all at affordable price points, achieving compliance has never been easier. Software, like EHS Insight, helps teams better control the way they manage incidents, audits and inspections, safety training, and more.

The Last Word on SaaS Benefits

Software-as-a-Service isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, it’s only likely to become even more ubiquitous as time marches on. With SaaS soon to become the new normal when it comes to how we use business software, there’s not a single company in any market sector that won’t be able to reap the rewards of this agile, highly-accessible, and eminently affordable trend in professional software provisioning.

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