What Workforce Management Software Can Do for Your Business

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Apr 28, 2020 12:03:32 PM

These days, managers have their work cut out for them. They’re constantly connected, but they can’t seem to work more effectively in that time.

Chances are, that’s because your managers are using the wrong tools.

Instead of tools that make them more effective, your managers are wasting time fighting with tools that don’t deliver. Workforce management software can change that. Here’s what it is and how your teams (and your bottom line) can see the benefits.

What Is Workforce Management Software?

Workforce management software is a collection of tools that companies use to improve overall efficiency and productivity among their workforce.

Rather than matching employees with jobs as jobs arise and employees are available, workforce management software allows you to match the job with the best employee to complete it. It also allows you to easily see how your employees are performing on their given tasks.

This way, you can take the guesswork out of managing employees and instead work towards real results for your employees, your customers, and your organization as a whole.

It isn’t to be confused with CMMS software, which is specific to maintenance management. Workplace management software allows you to take a holistic approach to your entire workforce and work towards employee success.

How It Helps Your Company

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how workplace management software can make your company stronger.

As a rule, this kind of software offers managers the ability to focus on the big picture instead of administrative busywork. They can see the forest rather than the trees, in other words.

But that translates to your company in ways that you might not expect.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

For one thing, this kind of software can actually help increase employee satisfaction.

The truth is, unhappy employees are incredibly expensive for your company.

About 80% of employees report being dissatisfied with their job in some way or another. About 2 million employees quit their jobs every month, and companies spend 1/5 of an employee’s annual salary to replace them.

The most common causes of employee dissatisfaction? Micromanagement, poor communication, and lack of progress.

It might seem counterintuitive to address micromanagement with workforce management software, but in reality, this software actually allows managers to step back from the wheel. Instead of micromanaging in an effort to see all the details they might miss, managers can use software to see how employees are performance and identify issues proactively.

Increase Agility, Reduce Costs

Because your managers can gain smarter insights with less effort, they have the power to be more agile than ever.

Instead of guessing what your problems are (or scrambling to fix problems after they’ve already created a mess) managers can respond to problems before they become a real issue. They also don’t have to waste time applying solutions to the wrong problem.

In other words, managers can be more efficient in doing their work. And because they can be more productive, you can spend less money while managing your employees more effectively.

Making Workforce Management Software Work for You

Of course, not all workforce management software is created equal. You need tools that have the right functionality to be truly beneficial to your company. But there are so many solutions out there, you may not know where to start.

That’s where we can help.

We know the challenges that your managers face and we know how to meet those challenges head-on. More importantly, we know how to make solutions that evolve alongside you so that you can see results for years to come.

Want to find out more? Get in touch today to start the conversation.

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