The Benefits of CMMS Software

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Jun 19, 2019 8:52:00 AM

Overseeing a facility is no small task. You don’t just have to worry about your team. You also have to worry about your inventory and how you budget your resources. Misallocation of precious time and effort can throw your whole facility off track.

Worse, it could leave your team unprepared–and your workplace less safe. You don’t need to deal with a mountain of stress to manage your facility gracefully. All you need are the right tools.

A CMMS software solution can give you just that. Here are four reasons why you should be using this software in your workplace.

1. Inventory and Asset Management

One of the foremost benefits of CMMS software is inventory and asset management.

This software was originally designed in the 1960s as a punch card system for work orders. To this day, that remains at the core of the software, upgraded for the 21st century.

Let’s say you have a fleet of equipment. You have to track all your information about that equipment–purchase dates, repairs, warranties, active service contracts, and any spare parts required.

You also have to track information related to the equipment, like work orders for your maintenance team and orders for spare parts.

CMMS software helps you stay on top of every aspect of your inventory by keeping all the relevant information in one place, at the touch of a finger.

2. Visibility and Accessibility

This is why CMMS software is so good at improving visibility and accessibility.

When you’re working with your maintenance team, CMMS software allows you to take a bird’s eye view and a hands-on approach.

You can see every task assigned to each member of your team. You can view the whole schedule at once, schedule new work orders, and check maintenance schedules for individual assets.

It also allows you to access asset history. That way, if a machine is having a problem, you can quickly see whether or not the machine has had the same problem in the past.

3. Enhance Productivity

Low productivity is the bane of a healthy workplace. CMMS software helps get rid of the problem for good.

CMMS doesn’t just give you access to real-time information. It lets you see that information on the go.

Your maintenance team can use their smartphones or tablets to check the software no matter where they are. That way, they can always see what they need to be doing and can check on any individual asset on the spot.

The software also helps inform them what they need to complete a job. Maybe they need a spare part, maybe they need a certain tool, maybe they need to check for a certain problem during scheduled downtime.

This type of software gives them the resources they need to make smarter decisions in the moment.

4. Planning and Budgeting

Finally, CMMS software helps improve your planning and budgeting capacity.

By understanding patterns of usage and problems, you can better prepare your facility. You can schedule routine downtime, plan head to check high-maintenance machines and keep your team on the move.

This allows you to better control your budget since you can see exactly what’s going on with your whole inventory at any given time.

If you need ideas on how to incorporate CMMS software into your workplace, you’ve come to the right place. We know what your workplace needs to succeed. You need resources that work just as hard as you do. That’s why we provide content resources to readers like you, no matter how big or small your workplace is.

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