Software Development Tops List of Desirable Tech Skills

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Mar 2, 2020 1:30:09 PM

You know that technology is going to transform the way you do business. But behind every successful piece of technology is great software, and behind every good software program is a software developer who knows their stuff.

This is why many companies are realizing that software development isn’t something they can afford to ignore. And the job market is seeing that knowledge in the shifting demand for job skills.

The Growing Tech Sector

As the technology sector continues to grow, the demand for relevant skills will continue to grow alongside it. And these days, the technology sector is growing and innovating as fast as its workers can keep up.

Technology stocks soared in the summer of 2019 with room to continue growing. The United States leads the pack globally, thanks to business dynamism, strong financing mechanisms, and a vibrant environment for innovation.

Why is tech growing? Because it’s no longer just about consumers.

As our lives become increasingly digital, technology has a role in almost every other sector, so much so that it has become a determinant of national security, economic growth, and global competitiveness.

The Need for Software Development

This means that the demand for technology skills is growing faster than ever. In 2019, the technology sector added 59,000 new jobs. In addition, the skills that employees need to complete their jobs have dramatically changed.

The one employers want the most? Knowledge of software development principles, which featured 588,504 times in job descriptions for the technology industry. JavaScript and jQuery skills came in second, featuring in 407,459 job descriptions.

In fact, all of the top five skills featured in job descriptions (knowledge of software development, JavaScript/jQuery, Java, SQL databases and programming, and web development) were all based around software development.

Why Demand for Developers Will Stay High

If you don’t have those five skills, now is the time to acquire them, because the demand for software developers and software development skills isn’t going away anytime soon.

The truth is, the world runs on software. Every single business needs a website or app of some kind to stay up and running, and every person with Internet access uses several apps and websites per day. All of these things work because of software programs.

In addition, even businesses that already have websites or apps will rebuild those apps and websites several times. You see, computer code isn’t forever. Code actually has a limited shelf life. Each line of code is only as good as the programs and environments it’s designed to operate in.

And given that code is evolving every single day, the environments of today’s coding languages will be antiquated in a few years.

This means that workers who can adapt code for new environments are highly valuable, since they can ensure that websites and apps don’t become dysfunctional and outdated.

Making Software Work for You

Software development doesn’t begin and end with building a program. Great software developers can help you test your programs, spot-treat weaknesses, and make the programs better than ever.

Want to find out more about how software can boost your business? Check out our blog for more useful posts, or get in touch to find out how our solutions can make your team more effective.

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