The Benefits of Software for Construction Safety

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Jun 9, 2020 1:43:52 PM

Of the 4,779 private sector worker fatalities in 2018, 1,009 of them were in construction – approximately one in five worker deaths. Construction has long been one of the most dangerous industries in the country, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

While you can’t remove the risks attached to the construction industry, you can work to eliminate some of the hazards that make construction so dangerous. This is where safety software becomes a critical investment.

Here’s how software for construction safety can help benefit your construction business, from employees to EHS team management.

Consistent Communication

Lack of communication has long been a major cause of safety risks across any industry. In construction, where job sites are so variable and minor mistakes can quickly deteriorate into serious injuries, communication is critical to maintaining safety.

One of the biggest benefits of safety software is that it helps streamline your communications in various forms.

Whether you need to communicate equipment requirements, policy changes, job site expectations, lockout/tagout requirements, or workplace observations, software for construction safety allows you to see everything on one dashboard. An offsite EHS manager can communicate with an on-site safety officer, and a safety officer can record problems to guide future training.

Streamline Training and Recertification

And speaking of training, safety software can also help improve your training and recertification for your workers, foremen, and managers.

While your EHS department and upper management recognize the importance of safety training, implementing that training across your organization can easily become cumbersome. And when your whole process is slowed down, your workers are operating at a disadvantage.

Training software has benefits on both sides. Employees have access to stronger training content that’s up-to-date on the latest policies. Employers can easily see which employees have completed their training requirements, who’s due for recertification, and who needs to play catch-up.

Clarify Policies and Improve Compliance

Last but not least, safety software makes it easy to clarify your construction policies and bolster compliance at all of your job sites.

Even the most carefully considered safety initiative won’t work if employees don’t have the means to understand it. Nor will it help EHS workers if they can’t check the policy against current practices.

Safety software makes your policies accessible no matter where you are. You’ll always have a barometer to measure performance, and your team will always know where they stand on safety issues. That way, you’ll always know what needs your attention and how to close the gap.

Using Software for Construction Safety

Knowing the benefits of software for construction safety, the real question is why you haven’t implemented safety software already.

Our team understands the unique challenges facing the construction, building materials, and flooring samples and manufacturing industries. That’s why we developed software geared toward your needs. No more fighting with bells and whistles or looking for functionality that doesn’t exist – what you get is a software that’s ready to go to work for your team on Day One.

Ready to change the way you think about safety on your job sites? We’re ready to help. Get in touch today to start the conversation.

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